[Header photo by John Byrne Barry: The Tehachapi Wind Farm in southern California, with about 5,000 turbines, generates more electricity than any other wind power array in the world.]

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[Headquarters for federal legislation regarding global warming and energy. Ways you can put pressure on your decision makers to help.]

[Here's a fact sheet (pdf) about how we can work with the Obama administration to repower, refuel, and rebuild America.]

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[Messaging and resources to help stop the coal rush.]

[Want to know how to respond to climate skeptics? The BBC refutes 10 of the most common arguments against acting on global warming.]

[By releasing an energy plan a week before the governor released his, the Virginia Chapter helped shape the state plan to favor clean, green energy sources.]

[Is your city cool?]

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Reaching out to businesses to reduce their energy use and carbon emissions: