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Sierra Club Employee Awards

Every year, the Sierra Club recognizes employees throughout the organization (National, Chapter, Group, and Foundation) for their outstanding accomplishments and achievements. All employees and volunteer leaders are invited to nominate award recipients. The employees who are selected from the nominations will be honored at a special event planned at the Sierra Club Headquarters in Oakland, CA.

The 2016 Award Recipients:

Alison Horton
Senior Regional Organizing Director
Larry Mehlhaff Award for Excellence

Alison has served the Sierra Club as Central Region Director for over 15 years and worked with the Sierra Club for 25 years. Alison has sought to build a diverse, equitable and inclusive organizing teams while embodying the passion, respect and positive attitude that underlies the best organizing work we do at the Sierra Club. She has built trust and consistency for the regional organizers during dramatic changes in the organization that has allowed Sierra Club to grow into a stronger organization.

Virginia Woulfe-Beile
Three Rivers Project Coordinator - Illinois Chapter
Virginia Ferguson Award

Virginia's warm presence fills the Riverbend community in Illinois, making the Sierra Club’s community partnerships strong and plentiful. Virginia is the co-lead of the Three Rivers Project, works with the Cool Cities initiatives throughout the Riverbend, organizes the Pere Marquete State Park Cabin Restoration Project, and works closely with the Piasa Palisades Group.

Tene Lewis
Washington DC Office Manager
Behind the Scenes Hero Award Recipient

Tene is always working behind the scenes and going the extra mile to ensure the DC office staff (and various other staff at the Club) are safe, engaged and supported. The DC office would be a flooded, supply-less, chaotic mess without her. Some may not notice her immense impact because she so deftly and efficiently anticipates issues before they become problems

Kiyana Allen
Senior Chapter Grant Writer/Editor
Special Achievement Award Recipient

Kiyana helps coordinate grant proposals, grant reports, and general Foundation inquiries to ensure that Chapters have access to funds and are in the best position for securing and maintaining foundation resources. In doing this work, she is helpful, patient, and gracious. When grants are awarded to Chapters, she shares in the delight of that success - serving an often undervalued role of working with Chapters to improve their fiscal health.

April Thomas
Associate Press Secretary
Community Service Award

April works to help create safe and equitable communities by volunteering for a number of local organizations in Oakland that focus on rent control, civilian police commissions, minimum wage and the development of future candidates for local elections. April’s energy and passion to help create a level playing field for all to be a part of a healthy community inspires those around her. April is a real treasure and contributes to creating community wherever she goes.

Stacy Bare
Mission Outdoors Director
Mike McCloskey Award

Stacy preaches the gospel of how direct experience with the outdoors is what puts us in touch with ourselves and with each other. He is a force of nature who exemplifies the beating, breathing, adventuring heart of the Sierra Club. Stacy’s exuberance comes directly from the natural world we are trying to protect, a connection that is ultimately what motivates a movement of people to protect the planet.

2015 Award Winners:

Shelly Campbell
Behind the Scenes Hero Award

Joshua Stebbins
2015 Larry Mehlhaff Award

Rhonda Anderson
2015 Mike McClosky Award

Roger Downs
2015 Special Achievement Award

Molly Diggins
2015 Virginia Ferguson Award

Heather Moyer
2015 Community Service Award

The Awards

This award is given to an employee whose tremendous efforts, skills, and talents have repeatedly and consistently supported and enabled others to advance the Sierra Club's mission in a significant way, or to accomplish a large and important project. This employee is an invaluable behind-the-scenes contributor who can be consistently relied upon by others for his or her highest service standards. The employee must have at least three years of service with the Sierra Club.

This award is given to an employee who has a distinguished and consistent record of many achievements in developing new ideas and strategies and implementing systems, programs and/or services through collaboration or team efforts. These achievements have resulted in substantial improvements, efficiencies and/or savings to services and operations organization-wide. The employee must have at least three years of service with the Sierra Club.

This award is given to an employee whose work has reflected and strengthened the meaning, purpose, and mission of the Sierra Club, and who has contributed to the prestige of the Sierra Club in the world community. The Mike McCloskey award honors a distinguished record of achievement in national and/or international conservation causes. The employee must have at least three years of service with the Sierra Club.

This award is given to an employee who has demonstrated consistent and exemplary service to the Sierra Club. Commitment to the organization is demonstrated not only through competence, but also in the congenial attitude, extraordinary spirit, and unquestionable integrity that makes this recipient's performance an inspiration to the rest of the organization. The employee must have at least three years of service with the Sierra Club.

This award is given to acknowledge an employee's special achievement which has changed, benefited, and/or streamlined the work of the Sierra Club, enhanced its public image, and/or communicated its message.

This award is given in recognition of a commitment to helping others through public service or community involvement in a non-Sierra Club cause.

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