Volunteer? The username is the name of this site (upper left corner of page). The one word password is one of the Sierra Club's tagline and it is not "and", "enjoy", nor "protect". Both username and password should be lower case.

Staff, Admin or Author? Please email webmaster@sierraclub.org (your sf-lan username no longer works here)

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Why do we need to log in at all?

Mostly, we have a login screen to keep search engines out. If you have any difficulties, please, please let us know.

There are some areas of the site that require different usernames and passwords. They should have separate logins with different instructions as appropriate.


  1. Use clubhouse.sierraclub.org, rather than www.clubhouse.sierraclub.org or mitchell.sierraclub.org
  2. Password problem? Volunteer? Check the left column for a reminder and contact information.
  3. Are cookies enabled? (if they are *not* enabled you should see a message in red up top).
  4. Are you having to repeatedly login for every page you navigate to? We are trying to figure this problem out still... This might be because you are using www.clubhouse.sierraclub.org
  5. Contact us if you continue to have problems at webmaster@sierraclub.org or using the HELP link at the top of the page, please include details about the browser and operating system that you are using. It is also helpful if you know of any firewall that your computer or network uses.