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[Header Photo by Saul Bromberger & Sandra Hoover: Roberta Brashear-Kaulfers speaks to the board on behalf of the  Council of Club Leaders at the 2003 Annual Meeting.]

about Council of Club Leaders 

The Council of Club Leaders (CCL), composed of a delegate from each chapter, Sierra Club California, and the Sierra Student Coalition, functions as an advisory body to the Board of Directors on chapter and regional concerns.

It provides a formal communications link between these entities and national Club leaders.  It meets in joint session with the Board of Directors during the official Annual Meeting of the Sierra Club each September.

A seven-member excom, elected by the Council delegates for terms of two years each, is responsible for managing the affairs and activities of the Council. Elections to fill vacancies on the excom occur at the Council meeting each year. The excom in turn elects from among its members the following officers: chair, vice chair, secretary, budget manager, and fifth officer.

The Council serves as a direct communications link between chapters and the national level of the Club, and chapters are strongly encouraged to carefully select a delegate who can thoughtfully and articulately speak on the chapter's behalf and bring the chapter's concerns during the Annual Meeting. Chapters should also expect their delegate to return from Council meetings prepared to give a report on the topics and issues that were discussed.

Chapter delegates and other leaders are encouraged to share and discuss their chapters' concerns with any member of the Council ExCom in between formal Council meetings.