[Header Photo by Saul Bromberger & Sandra Hoover: Roberta Brashear-Kaulfers speaks to the board on behalf of the  Council of Club Leaders at the 2003 Annual Meeting.]

Council of Club Leaders

Fundraising Webinar RSVP Information

(To reserve your spot, please email lisa.cox@sierraclub.org with the following by Wednesday, November 24th)





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Please don't hesitate to contact Lisa with any questions you might have at
919-906-4336 or lisa.cox@sierraclub.org.



Creating and Running a 12-Week Major Donor Campaign (Webinar) - Tuesday,
November 30th

If your chapter talks about personally engaging your donors, but you can't
seem to get everyone organized or motivated, this webinar is for you. We'll
discuss the steps needed to build a major donor campaign, including:

* Identifying and training volunteer askers
* Identifying prospects
* The value of challenge gifts
* Structuring the campaign and holding everyone accountable